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Good design brings continuity, function, and beauty to a living or working space, Our Services to you are as listed:

Logo Design

Your Logo is a mirror of importance to your business!

  •  Enhanced Photography and Mixed Media for your Walls
  • Logo Design
  • Public Speaking


"The Artography Gallery"  is a rebirth of long time Professional Photographer, Lin B. Prabish. Lin retired in 2001, due to an accident. She broke her wrist, 4 fingers and crushed her elbow on her left arm. Unable to lift, carry or adjust her equipment she retired.

In 2000 she married Ben Prabish in Australia. Their outdoor wedding was in the Blue Mountains of Katumba. Ben was in Aerial Photography in the Army and when they met it was true love.  They make a great team and truly enjoy their photography.

Lin's 25 year career is ignited again, except this time she has Ben. They photograph with the "Edge of Light". A favorite technique for photographing with existing light. They can make the outdoor look indoor. Every photograph is enhanced by Lin and Ben.


"The Artography Gallery" is simply the best in meeting our photography needs. Lin and Ben immediately put you at ease with their beautiful personalities and no rush attitudes. Lin has wonderful ideas that make precious additions to your home and beautiful gifts for family and friends. We are very pleased with their work and will continue to rely on them for our photography needs!


Suzannia Short,

Mom and LPN

About Us

“The Artography Gallery" is the best choice for the Decor on my Salon walls. The work is outstanding!  Lin and Ben are so creative and listen to your needs.  I definitely recommend this team to everyone. Wonderful!!


Dreema Adkins,

Owner of "Cuttin Up Salon" in Hixson TN

Choosing a Professional Photographer and Logo Designer can be difficult. Relax. "The Artography Gallery"  has the experience, connections and style to bring your vision to life. 

When it comes to trusting the memories and heritage of your family, take a moment to think about who you want to hire.  Someone that thought it would be fun to take pictures or someone who cares enough to work at their craft and give you the best!  Remember you need a Professional Photographer to capture images to be handed down thru generations!  The "Portrait" experience should be fun, relaxed and professional.

DON PRABISH is a great Designer.  I have worked with Logo Designers and have never been totally satisfied.  The "The Artography Gallery" logo is fantastic, I love it!  It delivers on Color, Design and Personality.  I couldn't be happier!


Lin B. Prabish,  Owner of  "The Artography Gallery" 

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