Award Winning Photography

My photography has received many Merits and Judges Choice Awards from Camera clubs, Regional Professional groups, State Professional groups and Professional Photographers of America.  I was privaledged to have been involved with these organizations as a member of their board of directors  and as a counselor.

Greatest Achievements

Professor of Art and Photography and owner of a successful Photography and Art Studio for 30 years, I still teach Art and Photography privately.  I have some extremely talented students. It is so nice to pass on my techniques.  I still do Public Speaking and enjoy sharing my knowledge.  I teach people of all ages on how to take better photographs with their Digital Cameras,Painting, Drawing and remind them that the word "Art" covers a wide realm of Mediums.  I love to teach new artist how to see the world in front of them.  Today's world of Art is amazing!!!


Lin's Fine Art 

 My Art is displayed around the world. I created "Lin's Touch" which is a technique for hand coloring Photographs. I was given the pleasure of demonstrating this technique to other photographers at the request of The Kodak Company. "Two of my "Lin's Touch" Fine Art pieces are displayed at The Fort Rucker Museum of Aviation in Alabama. Other pieces of Art were distributed in Japan and around the world.  I've also had the distinct honor of creating a Vietnam Memorial Painting.

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Awards & Recognition




      Photography by Lin, Illinois - 1975

      The Artography Gallery, TN - 2013

Owner: Lin B. Prabish

Areas of expertise: Artist of many mediums, Home and Corporate Decor, Retail, Family and Corporate Portrait, Enhancement, Composite, Existing Light  and Artificial Light on Location. 

If you want to match your Decor, Create a mood or an Heirloom art piece to hand down thru the generations, we are the professionals for you!  Our custom portraits are skillfully composed,  properly lit and enhanced. The outcome is an awesome image.  We consult with you, free of charge, about your needs.

Our Collector Series and Originals are created with passion.  Our work is seen around the 

world.  You can find our ArtWork on the walls of many offices.

Photography and Art has been a passion and a joy for us throughout our lives.  We have worked with many wonderful people and have made new and  treasured friends.  Our process is unique, personal and very rewarding.